Month: December 2014

Great news to end 2014

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One recent article in STEM Education  noted that Women have made progress in science, technology, engineering and math, yet movement into male-dominated STEM industries has slowed down considerably in the last 20 years.

Less than one-quarter of Canadian women work in the sciences, a number mirrored in the United States, where 26 percent of women had STEM careers in 2011. While up from seven percent in 1970, that’s only a three percent increase since 1990.

Although we’ve seen “pockets of success,” such as more professional networking groups, women’s progress in STEM careers has stalled, says Co-President of the Alberta Women’s Science Network (AWSN), Geologist Alicia Bjarnason.

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Season’s Greeting

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Wishing you Happy New Year 2015

May 2015 give us new hopes in our mind
May 2015 bring us more confidence and courage in all our endeavors.

Happy New Year and all the best