Workplace Culture/Diversity at GeoConvention 2016 – March 9

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GeoConvention 2016 will be held in March 7-9 at the TELUS Convention Centre in the heart of downtown Calgary.  This year the organizer chose a theme; Optimizing Resources, will be attended by over 4,000+ participants. It is a great opportunity to put your brand front and centre that is not one to be missed.

This event will showcase the necessary sharpening of tools, techniques and images required to find and produce oil and gas efficiently. Against a backdrop of changing macro and micro conditions, the industry must adapt by focusing attention on the most significant facets of an operation, refining evolving workflows, and sustaining effective practices.

Importantly, this year at the GeoConvention 2016, there will be a Workplace Culture/Diversity session.  This session will take place the morning of March 9th in the in the Glen Room 205 of Telus Convention Centre.

This is a new session for the conference. Though at first glance it may seem like this session is meant for HR departments, this is not the case. Workplace Culture/Diversity encompasses a whole organization. Many of this years presenters are professionals who believe in the work their organizations are doing towards workplace culture/diversity or they are scientists/engineers who study workplace culture/diversity. We encourage all to attend this session.

The conference committee would like to open the session up to the wider audience. If you know of individuals or organizations that would benefit form the session, the committee is offering a $50 registration for March 9th.  Here is a code for registration WCD2016 . The committee welcomes these attendees to check out the rest of the conference that day as well. They hope to continue the interest in this type of session for years to come and wish to broaden the diversity of the conference attendees.

Please spread the work on this session. We hope to fill the room with professionals who are interested in understanding more about how Workplace Culture/Diversity effects the greater work environment.

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