Structuring Conversations for Successful Negotiations

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Do you have good negotiation skills?

Negotiation happens every day everywhere, can be at workplace, at your organizations, or even at home. This is the skills that you will need all the time at your career life and in your personal life as well. As examples, frequently you need to negotiate with your husband or your partner so that you can share responsibilities with him or her. Negotiate with your kids, it happens at many times. Importantly, when you need to negotiate with your boss for some adjustment in your project you are working on or with your colleague to negotiate about delegating some of your work while you are on vacation.

One fact you need to know, some of you may not be aware of, you spend a significant part of your day negotiating. This makes how important to have good negotiation skills. Having good negotiation skills is really significant to build success in your career and potentially help develop your career advancement.

Once you have negotiation skills, next questions you would ask,

Do you have all your facts straight and your spreadsheet organized before you go into a stressful negotiation and still come out on the wrong end?

Are you searching for wording and not sure how to ask for what you want?

Find out the answers by joining our Geowomen event in May 9th. We will present a talk given by Michelle Phaneuf, Chartered Mediator, trained negotiator, Ombudsman and Professional Engineer. She will share with us about a process for negotiating that will boost your confidence and build insight for your next difficult negotiation. This event is a free noon-hour event with no registration required.

Details of the event:

WHEN: Monday, May 9 2016

WHERE:   The University of Alberta Calgary Centre #120, 333 5 Avenue SW, Calgary (Please use main entrance off of 3rd street SW (Accessible entrance is available from 5th Ave SW). Link to GoogleMaps.

AGENDA: 11:30 Networking

12:00 Presentation by Michelle Phaneuf 



snapMichelle Phaneuf is a Chartered Mediator, trained negotiator and Ombudsman who supports others in difficult conversations and negotiations. With over 20 years of past and varied experience as a Professional Engineer, energy management consultant, business owner, facilitator and property owner/manager, she has been exposed to a wide variety of negotiation situations. Michelle is the Alberta Co-Director of Workplace Fairness and believes that values-based collaborative dialogue leads to an opportunity for both parties to have their needs met.


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