February Event | The Future of the Oil Industry in Canada

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GeoWomen is excited to have Astrid Arts who will give a presentation on The Future of the Oil Industry in Canada. Details of the event:

WHEN   |  Monday, February 12, 2018
WHERE |  geoLOGIC Classroom, +15 level, Aquitaine Tower, 540 – 5 Avenue SW
AGENDA | 11:45 AM Networking
12:00 Presentation by Astrid Arts
This is a free event – no registration required. Bring your lunch and questions


If you believe the media and vocal environmental groups – the Petroleum Industry is a sunset industry and we are at the end of the fossil fuel era. But are we really?
We use energy every day and yet most of the population doesn’t understand where it actually comes from. Even so, many people emphatically believe that we can get off fossil fuels and completely convert to renewables for ALL our energy needs by 2030.
Globally, we use energy for two broad categories: Electricity and Transportation. Electrical demands are currently met by a combination of coal, natural gas, hydro, nuclear, wind, solar and geothermal. Transportation demands are dominantly met by oil. Recently, there is momentum to convert vehicles from internal combustion to electric engines. This switch would put all energy needs on the electric grid. This is the dream, but can it be done in the time frames suggested? Will people really be willing to give up their addiction to oil? Is this the end of the Oil Industry in Canada?
The energy business is about supply and demand. Global energy demand continues to increase. There are still 1.3 Billion people worldwide who don’t have access to electricity. With population growth, increasing numbers in the middle class and a developing third world; energy demand will only continue to grow. Social license plays an import role in Energy. Coal, Oil and Natural Gas are not the first energy sources to play on the social conscience. Nuclear power lost its social license in the 1980s and continues to be phased out globally. At the end of the day, there is a huge gap between the amount of energy we consume now and in the future with the amount of energy, we can produce from “socially acceptable” sources.

Biography :

AstridAstrid Arts, Staff Geologist, Cenovus Energy
Astrid Arts is a Staff Geologist at Cenovus Energy. She is a native Albertan who moved to Calgary to pursue a career as a Petroleum Geologist. Astrid studied at the University of Alberta earning a BSc (Hons) in Geology and an MSc in Carbonate Sedimentology. After 8 years in the industry, she took a 5-year leave to stay at home with her boys and made the transition back to work 7 years ago. She understands the unique challenges women face in the Petroleum Industry in balancing life and a rewarding career.

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