Reinventing Your Career | GeoWomen March Event

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In celebrating International Women’s Day 2018, GeoWomen will have Julia McElgunn presenting a very interesting topic titled Reinventing Your Career.

Details of the event:

WHEN | Monday, March 19, 2018

WHERE | geoLOGIC Classroom, +15 Lvl, 2nd Floor, Aquitaine Tower 540 – 5th Avenue SW

AGENDA |  11:45am – Networking | 12:00pm – Presentation by Julia


Numerous job or career options are available for geoscientists within and outside the oil and gas industry.  Although the opportunities are not always the traditional jobs we’ve been accustomed to, these opportunities are out there but require a new approach.

Firstly, innovation happens through transformation.  To create the necessary innovation, you must learn to transform how you view your experience and knowledge into a new wholistic and more general perspective.  Much like horizontal drill technology transformed and revolutionized the gas industry into a liquids-rich gas industry.  It’s through recognizing failures and asking questions that you can truly transform and be innovative about career opportunities.

Secondly, your expertise and knowledge are unique to each individual and become the differentiators.  By recognizing your expertise and knowledge, they become your assets.  Understanding your assets creates an opening to see the potential and the transferability of those assets.  We must know what we own. For example, geologically speaking, once knowledge is gained about a particular formation owned (or one wishes to own); decisions can be made to set the individual or company up for economic success, but the unknown can result in missed and lost opportunities.

Lastly, it’s important to couple passion with demand.  Understanding what your passions are, what gets you excited and what drives you each day is fundamental to being engaged and fulfilled.  Bringing the passion and drive into an area that has demand will increase the COS (chance of success) of finding satisfying employment.

In summary, there are options available. Three factors differentiate those who recognize these opportunities from those who don’t: 1) innovation through transformation, 2) owning your expertise and 3) understanding where passion meets demand.


juliaJulia is a professional exploration and development geologist. She has broad geotechnical experience from across Canada, including exposure to the Wolfcamp Basin. Julia has worked the entire Western Canada geological stack: Devonian, Mississippian, Triassic, and Cretaceous. Her strong technical skills are the foundation of her mapping, and although, her primary focus has been on mapping large exploration-based prospects, she has also enjoyed success with integrated detailed mapping required for good development.
This mother of 4 is extremely passionate about the dance between science and human behavior. Her strong connection to critical thinking causes her to constantly question both sides of a story, seeking to understand before providing a creative win-win solution.
She is an Advocate for Environmental Sustainability and works continuously to build awareness, education, and dialogue around the integration of multiple priorities, including equity, inclusion, environmental, health and economic. Julia strongly believes all of these can be achieved if we think and lead from our most creative, innovative and engaged selves.
In a time where the oil and gas industry is under political scrutiny, Julia sees an opportunity to bring a voice to how Alberta oil and gas lives up to the standards.

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