Cultivate Leadership Presence & Step Up to Your Next level of Impact

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“There has never been a more significant moment in history for women to step into Bold & Visible feminine leadership.”

Join GeoWomen of Calgary for a presentation by Callie B. Elwayns, Founder and CEO of Bold & Visible, where she will share her experience on how to cultivate leadership presence; stop dimming down and step into greater levels of confidence, visibility and impact.


WHEN | Wednesday, January 30, 2019
WHERE | geoLOGIC Room (2nd Floor), Aquitaine Tower, 540 – 5 Ave SW
AGENDA | 11:45AM  Networking
12 – 1PM  Presentation by Callie Elwayns

Everyone is welcome! This event is free to attend, and no registration is required.


janCallie B. Elwayns is a transformational leadership mentor, story teller and community builder. Callie’s journey from living on the streets as a young teen, to becoming a corporate CEO and community leader, was marked with many struggles and triumphs. She is a living role model for how to cultivate the
courage to break through our own inner glass ceilings and step up to play our biggest game!

Callie offers transformational workshops, retreats, and coaching to catapult women into bold new levels of leadership, visibility, and authentic self-expression. Let go of old patterns and learn to use your body, voice, and presence powerfully and expressively to increase your confidence, visibility, and impact. Callie’s unique method draws on performing arts-based practices such as voice and movement training, improvisation, personal story telling, and more, to awaken an embodied experience of authentic feminine power and presence.

A born-and-raised Calgarian, Callie is a high-achieving executive with over 20 years’ collaborative leadership experience. Notable success as Executive Director of the Calgary Regional Partnership & Calgary Regional Economic Development Alliance, leading the process for 14 municipalities, industry and other diverse interests to create a shared vision, and negotiate terms, for a long-term growth plan for the Calgary Region.
Callie is Chair of the Grizzly Den, a panel of influential Calgary business leaders, similar to television’s Dragon’s Den, who listen to the pitches of clients coming through Higher Landings’ career transformation program.  She holds a Master of Leadership and a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Victoria in British Columbia.


Oil & Gas Careers: Where Does a Geoscientist Fit In?

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What are the career paths available to a geoscientist in the Petroleum Industry?  What skill sets are required and how might the path look along the way?

Join GeoWomen of Calgary for a noon-hour panel discussion on various geoscience career paths within the Oil & Gas Industry.  Our panel of geoscientists from various industry sectors, including technical services, exploration & production and the public sector, will give us a glimpse of what they do in their roles, what they like (and don’t like) about what they do and share their stories & advice on building a career as a geoscientist in the Petroleum Industry in Calgary.


WHEN | November 15, 2018  Noon-1PM
WHERE |  geoLOGIC Room (2nd Floor), Aquitaine Tower, 540 – 5 Ave SW
AGENDA | 12 – 1PM  Panel discussion

Everyone is welcome!   This event is free to attend, and no registration is required.




Maren Blair, P.Geol.| Maren has a B.Sc. from the University of Alberta in geology (2002). After completing her degree, Maren worked for Schlumberger Canada from 2002 until 2005 in the Wireline Evaluation Services division. From 2005 until present Maren has worked for Sproule as a geologist focusing mainly on independent reserves certifications and reservoir characterization projects in Western Canada. Maren is currently serving as the Canada Region President of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).

Rochelle Longval, G.I.T. | Rochelle Longval’s passion for geology is more than a passion – it’s her life.  After all, her name means “little rock.”  Ever since she was little, Rochelle had a love for science and the outdoors.  She’s now working as an Exploration Geologist (GIT) for Cenovus Energy – with expertise in acquisition and divestiture evaluations, including risk assessment and making recommendations for future value add opportunities.  She uses her own experiences to inspire the next generation of geologists.  In addition to helping shape young minds, Longval is dedicated to advancing women like herself in the energy industry.  She initiated the Geoscience Women’s Group for the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists.  This past year she was a Young Women in Energy Award Recipient and continues to be an advocate for women in geology.

Tiffiny Yaxley | Tiffiny graduated with a BSc in Geology from the University of Alberta in 2006. After a number of years working technical roles in the oil and gas industry she moved into sales. In 2011 she took on a technical sales role and ended up finding her strength and enthusiasm for work there more than ever. In sales she discovered her passion for presenting, human interaction and helping others. She has 7 years of experience in a technical sales, 4 of which in a leadership position.

Krista Beavis,  P.Geol. | Krista Beavis is currently working with a multi-disciplinary team to better understand how current subsurface energy development can be used to understand potential future surface expression at the Alberta Energy Regulator.  She is passionate about true collaboration to achieve positive outcomes for the province.  Krista graduated from the University of Calgary with a BSc. in Geology, and Applied & Environmental Geology in 2007.  She has since worked in multiple sectors of the industry in Alberta, from exploration to remediation, and currently regulation.  Krista is registered as a Professional Geologist with APEGA, and holds memberships with CSPG and CSUR.  In her time away from the office, Krista enjoys traveling, cooking and baking, hiking, knitting, gardening, and adventures with her puppy.

Alexandria Shrake, P.Geoph. | Alex is an Analyst with Chevron Canada Resources working on the Strategy and Planning Team. Alex has a BSc in Geophysics from the University of Calgary (2012), and six years of experience working in Horn River, Liard, and Kaybob Duvernay with Chevron. Alex is a fellow of Action Canada and the Public Policy Forum, a policy think tank to encourage inter-provincial collaboration, perspective, and policy recommendations on Canada’s energy future. As a member of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG), Alex has spent the past 5 years working across the country with students and the public and won volunteer of the year 2016. The last two years, Alex has spent building ENERGYminute – a non-profit education foundation that has recently qualified for charitable status. ENERGYminute’s purpose is to foster energy literacy in Canada for less polarizing dialog and curate inquiry based learning studies for students K-12.

The Life and Times of an Environmental Geologist

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Ever wondered what an Environmental Geologist does? How do you get into Environmental Geology and what types of roles are available in the Environmental stream?

Join GeoWomen of Calgary for a noon-hour presentation from Hydrogeologist, Jennifer Arnold, who will share her experiences with us and how she made her way into the Environmental side of geology.

Details of the event:
WHEN | Tuesday, October 30, 2018  Noon-1PM
WHERE | geoLOGIC Room (2nd Floor), Aquitaine Tower, 540 – 5 Ave SW
AGENDA | 11.45 – 12 Networking | 12 – 1PM Presentation by Jennifer
NOTE | Everyone is welcome! This is free to attend, no registration required.

BIOGRAPHY | Jennifer Arnold is a hydrogeologist within the Liability Management and Remediation Service Group at Advisian, a division of Worley Parsons Canada. She has been in the environmental consulting industry for over 11 years gaining experience within the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry building conceptual site models and site assessments and remediation, specializing in bedrock characterization.
Jennifer provides technical support in areas of fractured bedrock characterization; data gap analysis; risk assessment; interpretation and application of Federal and Provincial remediation guidelines; as well as providing remedial options and recommendations for impacted sites based on hydrogeology; principal contaminants of concern; exposure and receptor pathways, and project goals. For over the past year, Jennifer has been seconded to Shell Canada with the Environment and Regulatory Compliance team to support contamination projects.
Ms. Arnold has experience in a variety of site settings including working within residential areas and sites with sensitive stakeholders. She has valuable experience in areas concerning the migration of NAPL contaminated groundwater in complicated hydrogeological environments including fractured bedrock, as well as NAPL characterization for the purpose of both building a strong CSM and remediation.
Jennifer has a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Earth Sciences and Microbiology and Immunology from Dalhousie University, Halifax, as well as a Master of Science degree focusing on groundwater remediation from the University of Saskatchewan and is a professional geologist with APEGA.

Preparing Geoscience Professionals for the Future of Work in Alberta: Managing your Career in 2018 & Beyond

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Join GeoWomen of Calgary for a presentation by Jackie Rafter, President & CEO of Higher Landing, where she will share her expertise on knowing your brand, emerging work trends in Alberta & steps you can take as a geoscientist to better manage your career.

Details of the event:

WHEN | Tuesday September 11, 2018  Noon-1PM
WHERE |  geoLOGIC Room (2nd Floor), Aquitaine Tower, 540 – 5 Ave SW
AGENDA  11.45 – 12 Networking | 12 – 1PM Presentation by Jackie Rafter

NOTE | This is a free event, no registration required. Bring your lunch & questions.

Jackie’s Biography:

jackieJackie Rafter is a visionary serial entrepreneur and a catalyst for bringing to life forward-looking ideas and businesses. As Founder, President & CEO of Higher Landing, Jackie works with and mentors professionals, executives and globally-known athletes to help them realize their greatest ambitions and career goals. The proprietary Career Transformation methodology she has pioneered at Higher Landing is being broadly adopted across professions, particularly in the oil & gas industries as they go through significant, disruptive change.

A born-and-raised Calgarian, Jackie is a passionate change agent who believes deeply in the ability of people to tap into their potential. She is particularly focused on helping people reinvent, brand and package themselves to take advantage of the massive systemic changes taking place in job search and career management. She has taught at the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary and regularly appears in various media as an expert and thought leader on the oil & gas job market and the career transformation strategies necessary to thrive in it.

Previous to starting Higher Landing, Jackie built two successful executive search firms, including Quaderra, founded Canada’s first publicly traded company with an all-female Board of Directors, Roxi Capital (now trading as Plastifab Corp. – PFB.TSX) and was a founder of Anorak Capital (now trading as Total Energy Services TOT.TSX).

Jackie holds dual degrees from the University of Calgary with an MBA and Bachelor of Education (French) and is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She is a champion of helping people live healthy and authentic lives and enjoys travel and running long distance. She has worked in five countries around the world, including Monaco, the UK, Switzerland and South Africa.

CSPG AWSN GeoWomen Event | June 2018

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GeoWomen is excited to have Amanda Obodovsky  who will be sharing her story on:

How to not just survive, but thrive during a downturn in the industry:  A case study of my life and what I have done to thrive in the past 5 years.


It’s a well known fact that the oil and gas industry is cyclical, and downturns are inevitable. The downturn that we have been in since 2015 has been especially bad. Everyone wants to keep their jobs and not end up unemployed. But what do you do? How do you keep your job, survive the downturn and make it through to the better times? And what if you are just starting out or what something more from your career? Using Amanda’s own life and experiences as a case study, she will give concrete examples of what has worked for her and what you can try in your own life to not just survive but thrive during a downturn.

Details of the event:

WHEN | Monday, June 11, 2018  Noon-1PM
WHERE |  geoLOGIC Room (2nd Floor), Aquitaine Tower, 540 – 5 Ave SW
AGENDA | 11.45 – 12 Networking | 12 – 1PM Presentation by Amanda

NOTE | This is a free event, no registration required. Bring your lunch & questions.

Amanda’s Biography:


Amanda obtained a B.Sc. Astrophysics in 2008, and an M.Sc. Astronomy (Planetary Science) in 2010 from the University of Western Ontario. Since 2013 she has been working as a seismic processor for Divestco. During this time she has given several presentations for her project that looks at impact structures in seismic data; the perfect union of her seismic processing work with her love of astronomy.  She is a member of the CSEG.

GeoWomen #MeToo and #TimesUp Survey January 2018 and Panel Discussion May 14, 2018

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There has been much talk about bullying and sexual harassment and assault in the workplace lately. In January, GeoWomen posted a short, anonymous survey to its website to ascertain how our community’s experiences correspond with the rest of the world’s. No names, no details, just collecting statistics on yes/no responses for the future panel discussion on this subject to inform us of experiences and strategies to manage similar situations.

GeoWomen would like to acknowledge Susan R. Eaton, P.Geol., P.Geoph., for assisting with writing the questions for this survey and Yulini Arediningsih, M.Sc., P. Geo,  for posting it and making it a reality.


GeoWomen #MeToo / #TimesUp Survey – January 2018 

These findings confirm other surveys:

41.2% – The percentage of GeoWomen respondents who have been sexually harassed at work.

44% – The percentage of GeoWomen respondents who reported to a superior or HR.

20.6% – The percentage of GeoWomen respondents who have been sexually assaulted in the workplace.

25% – The percentage of GeoWomen respondents who reported to a superior or HR.

Angus Reid, February 2018  

#MeToo Attitudes: Some findings challenge conventional wisdom

52% – The percentage of Canadian women who say they have been subject to sexual harassment in the workplace

28% – The percentage of Canadian women who say they have been subject to non-consensual sexual touching in the workplace


GeoWomen Panel Discussion May 14, 2018

The history of sexual bullying and sexual harassment and abuse here in Calgary in the oil and gas industry is long and persistent. Each female geoscientist has her own experiences and knowledge of other women’s experiences— yet, there has been no public accounting of gender-, race-, or sexual orientation-based bullying and sexual harassment or abuse to hold the perpetrators to account or to stop the practice altogether. While individual companies have internal harassment policies, rarely does the execution of these policies become public. It is “understood” that secrecy is the overarching policy of most companies when bullying, harassment, and abuse occur.

Our esteemed women panelists will discuss stories of bullying and sexual harassment and abuse, either in person or as anonymous submissions. Many submissions remain anonymous because of either the perceived and/or real and negative implications of speaking up publically. The panelists will describe the legal implications and psychological realities that are experienced by workplace bullying and sexual harassment and abuse. What are the steps that a woman geoscientist can take to mitigate the damage to her career, safety and mental and physical well-being?

We know that the best way to right persistent wrongs is to shine the light on them. To begin – ask some simple questions and examine the responses. Next, make these findings known to the public. Finally, insist that significant measures be put in place to drive change and ensure a safe and equitable workplace for all.

The findings from this panel will be communicated to the Alberta Status of Women in answer to their Business Plan – Key Strategies 1.4 – Facilitate collaboration among community organizations, local governments, and stakeholders to share information and leverage collective resources to improve social outcomes for women and girls. Suggest that the Alberta government require reporting systems for bullying, harassment and sexual abuse occurrences, analyses, and outcomes that will result in government credits for good behavior and costs for non-compliance.

If you are a woman geoscientist in Canada, we encourage you to complete our GeoWomen #MeToo and #TimesUp online survey, click here to participate.



WHEN | May 14, 2018  Noon-1PM
WHERE |  geoLOGIC Room (2nd Floor), Aquitaine Tower, 540 – 5 Ave SW
AGENDA | 11.30 – 12 Networking | 12 – 1PM Panel discussion

This is a free event – no registration required. Bring your lunch and questions.


Susan R. Eaton, P. Geol., P. Geoph., M.Sc.

SREaton-080 8x12 @300 CLSusan’s career in the oil and gas industry has spanned more than 30 years—she’s worked as a geologist and geophysicist with multi-national energy companies and international consulting firms, as a regulatory geophysicist with the federal government in Ottawa, and as a vice-president of exploration with several privately-held and publicly-traded junior oil and gas companies.

Equipped with a journalism degree, Susan began her media career as an on-camera news reporter with CBC-TV. Today, as a freelance writer, she reports on science and technology, business, energy, the environment, geotourism and adventure travel. Her articles and photographs have been widely published in American and Canadian magazines and newspapers.

Susan explores the world’s oceans—from Antarctica to the Arctic—in the snorkel zone, a unique land-sea-ice-air interface where charismatic animals and snorkelers comingle. Since 2010, she has participated in several science-based polar expeditions, studying the interplay of plate tectonics, oceans, glaciers, climate and life.

The founder and leader of the all-female Sedna Epic Expedition, Susan has led two scuba diving and snorkeling expeditions to Labrador, Nunavut and Western Greenland, documenting disappearing sea ice in the Arctic and delivering ocean knowledge mobilization programs to Inuit youth and Elders, with a particular focus on empowering Inuit girls and young women.

In 2015, Susan was named one of Canada’s top 100 modern-day explorers and trailblazers by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (the “RCGS”). In 2016, the RCGS named her one of Canada’s 25 greatest female explorers.
She holds a B.Sc. Honours degree (Geology and Biology) from Dalhousie University, a B.J. (Journalism) Honours degree from Carleton University, and an M.Sc. in Petroleum Geology (Geophysics Specialization) from the University of London’s Imperial College (the Royal School of Mines).


Alicia Bjarnason, P.Geol.


 Alicia Bjarnason MA PGeol. is a Senior Geologist with 15 years of experience within the oil and gas sector. She is currently the President of the AWSN (Alberta Women in Science Network) and the Program Director for the Work Re-engagement Program – funded by Status of Women Canada and Alberta Status of Women. Alicia is the former Program Manager for the BESTT Program (Bridge for Engineering, Science, Technology Talent). She is a Co-Founder of the WINN Network (Women’s Workplace Improvement Network), and currently sits on the Women in APEGA Advisory Committee. Alicia has also volunteered for a variety of STEM-related groups including CCWESTT, MentorUP Calgary, and the Operation Minerva Calgary Program.

Alicia recently finishing her MA from the University of Calgary in the Geography department. Her project focused on the role Professional Women’s Groups play within the greater discussion of diversity and inclusion within the work environment of Alberta’s Resource Sector.


Catherine McAteer

catherineCatherine McAteer is a lawyer who runs her own practice focused on supporting individuals and small business during times of employment transition. She also practices in the area of immigration law and is a professional photographer specializing in birth.

Catherine lives and works in the inner city with her two daughters, spouse and tries to squeeze in as much time on a bicycle as possible. Prior to starting her own practice, she was a lawyer with one of the largest law firms in Calgary and in-house counsel for an oilfield services company. Now she is able to juggle it all with the help of a very understanding boss.


Dr. Dianna Campbell-Smith

Dianna_0451HRDianna Campbell Smith is a psychologist, executive coach, author, and speaker who works with individuals and couples, solopreneurs and executives to help them understand, manage, evolve, and be successful in their life and their work. After spending over a decade as a geologist in the oil patch and over another decade as a psychologist, she truly understands the connection between logic and emotions – how to be successful both in life and in the workplace. She knows it matters how well you connect with others and are able to communicate that understanding back to them.  Her experience as a Director for over 5 years in a large counseling agency allowed her to put those strong communications skills into action.

She has been interviewed for television and radio on a variety of topics, as well as for print articles. She has developed and taught a number of workshops including ‘Towards Happiness’ with her most recent being ‘Sharpen Your Emotion Awareness and Skills Edge’.  This last online workshop has expanded on the work of her PsyD and her book ‘Skills for a Life of EASE’.

Dianna holds a BSc in geology from Carleton University, as well as 3 degrees in psychology leading to a PsyD from the University of Southern California.



Uzoamaka O. Sanni 

AmakaAmaka Sanni is an IT sales Manager at Axia Fibrenet. She has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Madonna University but moved into the IT space because she found it very interesting and challenging. With over 10 years experience in customer service and quality assurance in the Telecom industry, she enjoys solving problems and sometimes creating new ones.
Amaka has led and facilitated many training sessions and discussions on leadership and effective communication in Toastmasters international where she is currently serving as an Area director.

She is passionate about empowering women and encouraging them to support each other.

Reinventing Your Career | GeoWomen March Event

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In celebrating International Women’s Day 2018, GeoWomen will have Julia McElgunn presenting a very interesting topic titled Reinventing Your Career.

Details of the event:

WHEN | Monday, March 19, 2018

WHERE | geoLOGIC Classroom, +15 Lvl, 2nd Floor, Aquitaine Tower 540 – 5th Avenue SW

AGENDA |  11:45am – Networking | 12:00pm – Presentation by Julia


Numerous job or career options are available for geoscientists within and outside the oil and gas industry.  Although the opportunities are not always the traditional jobs we’ve been accustomed to, these opportunities are out there but require a new approach.

Firstly, innovation happens through transformation.  To create the necessary innovation, you must learn to transform how you view your experience and knowledge into a new wholistic and more general perspective.  Much like horizontal drill technology transformed and revolutionized the gas industry into a liquids-rich gas industry.  It’s through recognizing failures and asking questions that you can truly transform and be innovative about career opportunities.

Secondly, your expertise and knowledge are unique to each individual and become the differentiators.  By recognizing your expertise and knowledge, they become your assets.  Understanding your assets creates an opening to see the potential and the transferability of those assets.  We must know what we own. For example, geologically speaking, once knowledge is gained about a particular formation owned (or one wishes to own); decisions can be made to set the individual or company up for economic success, but the unknown can result in missed and lost opportunities.

Lastly, it’s important to couple passion with demand.  Understanding what your passions are, what gets you excited and what drives you each day is fundamental to being engaged and fulfilled.  Bringing the passion and drive into an area that has demand will increase the COS (chance of success) of finding satisfying employment.

In summary, there are options available. Three factors differentiate those who recognize these opportunities from those who don’t: 1) innovation through transformation, 2) owning your expertise and 3) understanding where passion meets demand.


juliaJulia is a professional exploration and development geologist. She has broad geotechnical experience from across Canada, including exposure to the Wolfcamp Basin. Julia has worked the entire Western Canada geological stack: Devonian, Mississippian, Triassic, and Cretaceous. Her strong technical skills are the foundation of her mapping, and although, her primary focus has been on mapping large exploration-based prospects, she has also enjoyed success with integrated detailed mapping required for good development.
This mother of 4 is extremely passionate about the dance between science and human behavior. Her strong connection to critical thinking causes her to constantly question both sides of a story, seeking to understand before providing a creative win-win solution.
She is an Advocate for Environmental Sustainability and works continuously to build awareness, education, and dialogue around the integration of multiple priorities, including equity, inclusion, environmental, health and economic. Julia strongly believes all of these can be achieved if we think and lead from our most creative, innovative and engaged selves.
In a time where the oil and gas industry is under political scrutiny, Julia sees an opportunity to bring a voice to how Alberta oil and gas lives up to the standards.