April Event : A Professional LinkedIn Profile – from “nice-to-have” to “must have”

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Networking is more important than ever. Whether you are a job-seeker or gainfully employed you never know what’s around the next corner. In today’s fluid employment marketplace, how does your LinkedIn Profile rank?
To answer this question and other further questions related to Linkedin Profile this April 10, 2017 Geowomen will have Clifford Wessel to answer the questions.


Clifford Wessel, 02yellow Inc. is a senior career coach with 15+ years experience working with leaders and professionals primarily in Oil & Gas. He is highly sought-after for his expertise in Career Assessments, Branding, Strategy, and LinkedIn. He has coached 1000+ clients across 6 continents in both English and Spanish and has 40+ recommendations from former and present clients on LinkedIn
He will review:
1. LinkedIn 101: 7 steps required to complete your LinkedIn profile.
2. LinkedIn 201: How to optimize and brand your LinkedIn profile.
3. LinkedIn 301: How to use some of LinkedIn’s most advanced features, including Boolean searches
Details of the event:

DATE: Monday, April 10 2017 11.30AM – 1PM

LOCATION : Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists | Canada’s Energy Geoscientists
+15 Level, 540 – 5th Avenue SW

AGENDA:    11:30AM Networking
12:00 Presentation by Integral Coach, Clifford Wessel

As always, this is a free Event – No registration required. Women and men are invited to attend. Dont forget to bring along  your lunch and your questions.



Alberta Innovation Engine

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The Alberta Innovation Engine is a platform designed to retool Albertans for the new economy. We provide informative sessions on areas of focus for economic diversification, inspiring talks from entrepreneurs, and workshops designed to kickstart new businesses by pairing high-caliber teams with common industry problems.

Come check us out and have a chance to contribute to the program design for 2017!


Thu, January 26, 2017

4:30 PM – 6:30 PM MST

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Café Blanca

240 Riverfront Avenue Southwest

Calgary, AB T2P

More details about the event:

Forecasting Trends in the Energy Industry for 2017

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Geowomen is excited to start the 2017 with our upcoming presentation on January 26 which will be given by Jackie Forrest, P.Eng., MBA – Director of Research, ARC Energy Research Institute . Jackie will be talking about  “FORECASTING TREND IN THE ENERGY INDUSTRY FOR 2017”

Jackie Forrest is the Director of Research at ARC Energy Institute.  Jackie actively monitors emerging strategic trends related to energy. She is an author and sought after public speaker with 20 years of experience in the energy industry. She has written numerous blogs and columns on energy issues, and is a regular contributor to the Daily Oil Bulletin and the National Post publications. She is also a recognized expert in analyzing oil and gas systems in a carbon constrained world.  Prior to joining ARC, she was the leader of North American crude oil research for IHS CERA. Jackie has published more than 16 public papers on energy issues, covering a range of topics, including US oil supply sources, markets for Canadian crude oil, environmental regulation, technology and five papers on life cycle GHG emissions from crude oil.  Jackie has extensive experience moderating dialogues, helping people share different perspectives on issues critical to the future of energy markets. Jackie attended the University of Calgary where she received an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering.  She also has an MBA from Queens University. You can follow her on Twitter @JackieForrest and at

WHEN :  Thursday January 26 2017

WHERE:  The University of Alberta Calgary Centre, #120, 333 – 5th Ave SW

AGENDA:   11:30AM Networking

12:00 Presentation by Jackie Forrest

Note: this is a free Event – no registration required, women and men are invited to attend.

November Event : Weighing Your Options: The Potential Impacts of Different Work Arrangements for Women

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Tough economic times have a significant impact on our connection to work and work arrangements (e.g., full-time, part-time, contract). With the understanding that there is no “one size fits all” approach to work, the presentation will explore different work arrangements and the positive and negative impacts on both career trajectory and work-life balance.  GeoWomen, in this opportunity will host a presentation by  Rachael Pettigrew, PhD – Assistant Professor at the Bissett School of Business.  The presentation will address the unique professional challenges faced by women in male-dominated industries.

geowomenRachael Noelle Pettigrew, PhD, lives in Calgary and, after 12 years at the University of Manitoba, is now an Assistant Professor in Bissett School of Business at Mount Royal University. In addition to being an experienced instructor and presenter (and mother of 2), Rachael is an active researcher. Her research follows two streams. Her primary research focuses on the work-life interface, but with specific interest in organizational culture, gender in the workplace, and family-supportive policies. Her secondary research stream involves workplace diversity and the role of the employer in newcomer settlement experience.


Details of the event:

Monday, November 14, 2016  
The University of Alberta Calgary Centre
#120, 333 – 5 Avenue SW

11:30AM Networking
12:00 Presentation by Rachael Pettigrew

Important to note here that this is a free event, no registration required, women and men are invited to attend. Bring your lunch and your questions.  GeoWomen of Calgary is a member of AWSN.  If you would like updates on future events, please join our GeoWomen LinkedIn Group


National Post article helping to get the message out on job losses and talent available!

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National Post recently issued an interesting article  about jobless  in Alberta: Tens of thousands of energy professionals are out of work and out of hope. Link of the full article.

Importantly, the article features the speaker of September ‘s Geowomen event, Marian C. Hanna, ICD.D, P. Geoph, CSEG President. 

Join Geowomen Event this Sept 22 to find out more as Marian will be sharing her thoughts  about the article and an update on what the joint societies (CSEG, CSPG, CWLS, CSUR & SPE) are doing to engage our governments on behalf of their professional members.

Find out more of the September Geowomen event



September 2016 Geowomen Event

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As summer nearly ends, Geowomen group in Calgary resumes free events for the members or anybody who is interested to gain some knowledge and update from oil industries or professional organizations.

This September Geowomen will have Marian C. Hanna, ICD.D, P. Geoph, CSEG President
Marian to present her experience with the Institute of Corporate Directors, Directors Education Program that she successfully completed this year.
She will also be sharing an update on what the joint societies (CSEG, CSPG, CWLS, CSUR & SPE) are doing to engage our governments on behalf of their professional members. The details of the event as follows:

September 22, 2016 
The University of Alberta Calgary Centre
#120, 333 – 5 Avenue SW

11:30AM Networking
12:00 Presentation by Marian Hanna

Important to note here that this is a free event, no registration required, women and men are invited to attend. Bring your lunch and your questions.  GeoWomen of Calgary is a member of AWSN.  If you would like updates on future events, please join our GeoWomen LinkedIn Group

Biography: Marian Hanna
hanna.jpgMarian is a courageous leader, visionary solutionist and quantifiable achiever of desired results. Marian is passionate, enthusiastic, versatile, well-organized and a self-motivated technical and business leader with a strong history of achieving outstanding results with a variety of cross-functional professionals, departments and companies. She is a professional geoscientist with strong technical and business skills in international and North American markets. She has been fortunate to have held a variety of roles that have allowed her skills to grow in many areas. These skills include strategic planning and leadership, effective management and planning in complex and ever changing environments, successful continuous improvement, project management and relevancy through business and political acumen all accomplished through inter-departmental relationships and effective stakeholder relationships. Her background in accounting and natural resources compliments the systems and critical thinking that is needed in today’s economy. Many of her experiences have provided her with the skills to be successful in problem solving, team building, coordination, advising and collaboration with various cross discipline departments and professionals. These skills and experiences have led to many synergistic accomplishments through strong relationships both internally and externally to her previous positions. She is proud to know that she has helped to create meaningful and cooperative relationships with colleagues, clients, partners, governments, regulators, stakeholders, special interest groups and industry to work towards common goals which have often yielded innovative and creative solutions for a common goal. Her passion for contributing to the community with which she has lived is inherent in who she is and the considerable effort she puts into her work.

Structuring Conversations for Successful Negotiations

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Do you have good negotiation skills?

Negotiation happens every day everywhere, can be at workplace, at your organizations, or even at home. This is the skills that you will need all the time at your career life and in your personal life as well. As examples, frequently you need to negotiate with your husband or your partner so that you can share responsibilities with him or her. Negotiate with your kids, it happens at many times. Importantly, when you need to negotiate with your boss for some adjustment in your project you are working on or with your colleague to negotiate about delegating some of your work while you are on vacation.

One fact you need to know, some of you may not be aware of, you spend a significant part of your day negotiating. This makes how important to have good negotiation skills. Having good negotiation skills is really significant to build success in your career and potentially help develop your career advancement.

Once you have negotiation skills, next questions you would ask,

Do you have all your facts straight and your spreadsheet organized before you go into a stressful negotiation and still come out on the wrong end?

Are you searching for wording and not sure how to ask for what you want?

Find out the answers by joining our Geowomen event in May 9th. We will present a talk given by Michelle Phaneuf, Chartered Mediator, trained negotiator, Ombudsman and Professional Engineer. She will share with us about a process for negotiating that will boost your confidence and build insight for your next difficult negotiation. This event is a free noon-hour event with no registration required.

Details of the event:

WHEN: Monday, May 9 2016

WHERE:   The University of Alberta Calgary Centre #120, 333 5 Avenue SW, Calgary (Please use main entrance off of 3rd street SW (Accessible entrance is available from 5th Ave SW). Link to GoogleMaps.

AGENDA: 11:30 Networking

12:00 Presentation by Michelle Phaneuf 



snapMichelle Phaneuf is a Chartered Mediator, trained negotiator and Ombudsman who supports others in difficult conversations and negotiations. With over 20 years of past and varied experience as a Professional Engineer, energy management consultant, business owner, facilitator and property owner/manager, she has been exposed to a wide variety of negotiation situations. Michelle is the Alberta Co-Director of Workplace Fairness and believes that values-based collaborative dialogue leads to an opportunity for both parties to have their needs met.