Jan 18: “Energy Transition:  From 0 to Start up in the Avatar Innovations Program” ~ Ashlee Kingsbury and Julie Morter

Moderator: Shannon Hiebert, P.Geo (Suncor)

Tuesday, January 18 2022
12:00 - 1:00pm (MDT)
Register at: CSPG GeoWomen Page 
This is a FREE event - All genders welcome - No membership required.


Energy transition is a business that is booming in Canada.  Have you ever wondered how to do a start up in the green energy business and what the process involved is?  The journey from concept to a start-up is a long undertaking with many ups and downs.

 Join Ashlee and Julie on their journey in the Avatar Innovation and Accelerator programs and how they came up with a business solution to solve the energy transition issue using the talent and acumen of Calgary’s oil and gas professionals.  From this program, GeoConnect Energy was born.  GeoConnect Energy is a green solution to heat and cool homes using geo-exchange.  

They will share their insights on creating a start-up in the green energy transition space and to inspire other entrepreneurs to follow their passions and ideas in this emerging and innovative space.

ASHLEE KINGSBURY (B.A. Econ), Enbridge

Ashlee Kingsbury is a 15 year Professional Supply Chain Specialist that has worked in mining and oil and gas companies. Ashlee has worked at AMEC, Hatch, Encana, Fluor, Devon Energy, Spectra Energy and Enbridge.  She was born and raised in the interior of BC and got her B.A. in Economics from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops BC.

Ashlee is also a mom to a firecracker of a four year old. They enjoy crafting, painting and baking together. In non COVID times the Kingsbury family travels together as often as possible. They love exploring new places and cultures.  

JULIE MORTER (P. Eng), ConocoPhillips Canada

Julie Morter is a reservoir engineer at ConocoPhillips Canada, with 10 years’ experience in production and reservoir engineering. She started her career working on tight gas assets but has spent the last 8 years focused on SAGD wells. She is passionate about increasing women’s voices and leadership inside and outside the oil and gas industry.  She has a degree in engineering from the University of Alberta.

Outside of her professional life, Julie is an avid mountain adventurer as well as a committee member and leader with the Alpine Club of Canada. This drives her to face the realities of climate change head-on, but also to look for opportunities to use the incredible expertise within the industry to start working towards change.