June 15: “Pivoting to Sustainable Energy” ~ Maren Blair

Tuesday, June 15 2021
12:00 - 1:00pm (MDT)
Register at: CSPG GeoWomen Page 
This is a FREE event - All genders welcome - No membership required.


Electing to return to school at any age is never an easy career choice. It means forging ahead into the unknown, learning new skills, pushing oneself outside of their comfort zones, knowledge sharing across the generations, and utilizing known skills obtained over one’s professional career to leverage learning to a whole new level. Sustainability may be THE word of the 2020s, sustainable energy, sustainable finance, sustainable toothbrushes – but what does it all mean, and how can we all be a part of the most significant economic opportunity of the century. Join me for a conservation about my journey as a geologist, how I came to be involved in sustainability, and what sustainability means to me. I will also discuss my capstone research projects focus on ESG (environmental, social, governance), what educational programs are available for sustainability, and what the future may hold for energy scientists going forward.


Maren is a professional geologist with 15 years of experience in oil & gas reserve and resource evaluation and reporting: Starting in the field with Schlumberger in 2002 as a wireline engineer and moving to the office as a petroleum geologist in 2005 with Sproule. Maren has embraced a new challenge by returning to school in 2020 to pursue a Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Development (SEDV) at the University of Calgary. Her research topic centers around ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and the evolution of environmental data disclosures in the past 3 years. An active professional society volunteer, Maren is concluding her past-president role with the Canada Region of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). She looks forward to being a part of the energy transition conversation.