May 18: “2020 A Year of Grief and Resilience” ~Lorena Moscardelli

Tuesday, May 18 2021
12:00 - 1:00pm (MDT)
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The year of the pandemic will be remembered as a time of deep disruption. We have all been impacted and many of us were faced with a stormy superimposition of crises that in my case included an international assignment while having the responsibility of taking care of aging parents and a sudden death in the family. The cherry on top? The real risk of losing both job and career to the ongoing industry crisis. This is about sharing the view that little victories act as life’s compounded interest, that a support network is key to survive and my conviction that hope is the only thing that we can’t afford to lose during times of deep distress.


Lorena Moscardelli (Geol. Eng. from Central University of Venezuela, 2000; Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin, 2007) is a principal researcher providing support to Equinor Exploration Canada. Lorena is returning to the Americas after an assignment with Equinor Drilling and Production in Norway. She was formerly the codirector and cofounder of the Quantitative Clastics Laboratory at the Bureau of Economic Geology (2007-2013) and a lecturer at The University of Texas at Austin (2009-2015).

She started her career as an exploration geologist at PDVSA (2000-2003) in Caracas. Lorena has an interest in deep-water processes and deposits and she led project S4SLIDE/IGCP-640 on the significance of modern and ancient submarine slope landslides. Lorena is a proud 2020 GRIT awardee, and was recently awarded the 2020 Medal of Merit for best paper related to Canadian petroleum geology by the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geology.  

A fun AAPG interview with Lorena can be found here 🡪