Organizational Team

GeoWomen is a team of hard working and talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We volunteer our time because we are passionate about creating a supportive community for women in the geosciences.

Mandy Williams, P.Geol.

Mandy is a self-declared “lover of science”.  After satisfying her interest in evolution through a degree in paleontology, Mandy pivoted to a career in geology and has been finding oil in Saskatchewan and Alberta ever since…

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Jocelyn Keith-Asante, P.Geol., PMP

Jocelyn holds a BSc in Geology from the University of Calgary, and is a PMI certified Project Manager. She has spent 30 years working as a petroleum geologist in exploring for and developing both conventional and unconventional reservoirs…

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Jennifer Kingsbury, P.Geol.

Jennifer is a 20+ year Professional petroleum geologist that has worked in all kinds of exploration and production companies in a technical capacity from exploration to reservoir geology. Jennifer has worked at …

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Eva Drivet, P.Geol., M.Sc.

Eva has over twenty-five years’ experience working for major to intermediate size petroleum companies, on Mississippian and Devonian carbonate reservoirs of Western Canada.  In her early days of field work, as a field assistant of the late Dr E.W. Mountjoy…

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Michelle Lund, MSc, MBA, P.Geol.

Michelle Lund has developed a deep and broad understanding of reservoir geology through various assignments in unconventional and conventional systems and is comfortable working at all scales from local production-scale investigations to large basin-wide studies…

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Ashlee Fudge, BSc, GIT

Ashlee hold a BSc in Geophysics from the University of Calgary, and is currently pursuing her masters in Environmental Engineering. She is currently working as a Geoscientist and Environmental Engineering Intern with a consulting company…

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