Recognition Subcommittee


In the spring of 2020, the GeoWomen organizational team met with the CSPG executive team to discuss ideas on how to improve engagement and retention of women CSPG members.  In response, the GeoWomen Recognition Committee was initiated. More details on some of the ongoing initiatives are provided in an article published in the Reservoir September/October 2020 issue.   Stay tuned for more GeoWomen updates on this subject.  Connect with us on LinkedIn and contact us with your questions and feedback.

Mandate and Vision

Liaison with geo-professional organizations to ensure top female professional talents are recognized and included in the award selection process.  Be a resource to encourage strong professional leaders and business women to achieve their career goals and progression in the energy industry.  

Shine the Light On” Initiative

 “Shine The Light On” aims to reach out to our geocommunity to highlight some of the top Geo talents and businesses that are led by female professionals. The main goal is to raise awareness on the achievements made by these professionals and inspire others in their career paths.  Learn more about these compelling stories that exemplify dedication, commitment, strong work ethics and leadership.

Click here to read more about Peer Solutions – how a mother’s strong work ethic and grit in the oil patch influenced her two daughter’s to grow a unique seismic project management and land services company.