AWSN (Alberta Women’s Science Network)

AWSN’s goals are to provide science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) fields a higher profile in society as a career of choice and to provide people with an equal opportunity to succeed through visibility, networking, mentoring, and programs designed to fulfill these goals.

To support the above, AWSN has three pillars of activities and programming:

  • Recruitment (Attraction): AWSN exposes youth to STEM careers through programs such as Operation Minerva (Grade 8/9 girls job-shadowing) Power to Choose aboriginal youth grade 7-12 (girls and boys) and affiliate programs such as the WISEST (Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science and Technology) programs.
  • Retention: AWSN supports retention and advancement of women and other under-represented groups through programs such as the MentorUP Alberta Network, WWIN (Women’s Workplace Improvement Network) and affiliate programs such as the BESTT (Bridge for Engineering, Science and Technology Talent) program.
  • Recognition: AWSN recognizes leadership in mentors through mentoring awards and scholarships. We are honored and proud to share the experiences of our mentors and scholars through their stories.

Women in APEGA

APEGA created the Women in APEGA Advisory Group in 2011 with the intention of increasing the representation of women in the engineering and geoscience professions.

In 2015, a document created by Women in APEGA was adopted and used to develop the national document Managing Transitions: Before, During and After Leave, which is jointly published and managed by Engineers Canada and Geoscientists Canada. It provides extensive checklists and outlines steps that individuals, supervisors, and companies can take to smoothly off- and on-ramp employees taking a leave of absence.


Lilith Professional™ is committed to building highly diverse and inclusive workplaces, furthering not only the careers of high potential emerging leaders of top ranked employers but also the business success of those employers. A two year professional development and formal mentoring program for high performing emerging female leaders.

YWE (Young Women in Energy)

For young women, by young women, YWE was founded to champion the interests of young women working in energy.YWE aims to address the recognized need to increase female presence, development and leadership in the energy industry. We are building an authentic community where members join because they are genuinely interested in connecting withand learning from peers.

AWE (Alberta Women Entrepreneurs)

Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) is an organization dedicated to enabling women to build successful businesses. They provide unique programs and services to women in business through mentoring, advising, financing and skills and network development.